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Artistically gifted Gordana is a sensitive and precious human being. She can make the best of her gift when working with glass. Her chamber sculpture represents ambiguous objects. Each of them tells a different, original story in the world of light. Eternity and meaning hidden in a triangle, circle, spiral. Infinite adoration of the cross. The visualization of each work is transformed into a feeling that prevails over time. The Art. Similarly, one perceives and feels the works of the author. They always have a distinctive, original and unique nature. Bowls and vases are the result of a creative act.


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The author's monumental work is connected with respect for human dwelling and the environment. Glass is constantly playing tricks with the human eye. It can be cool, warm, mysterious and joyful. Gordana Turuk has gained recognition in particular due to her talent, patience and discipline. All her work is about love of life involving people in it. Being among the best means being original. Gordana creates a new, gentle and immensely powerful world behind which is a man. There is a wealth of value in her art that we will never be able to quantify. It is happiness. PhDr. Ľuboslav Moza, PhD. Member of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts