Gordana, the maximum expression of creativity

Gordana was born on March 5,1974, in Mannheim, Germany. She spent most of her life in Zagreb, where she also studied textile arts at the university from 1992 – 1994, and she privately studied painting with the academic painter Josip Marinkovič. Subsequently, from 1994 – 1998, she studied fashion design at the private Italian school of fashion design Callegari in Pescara.

She lives in Bratislava since 1999 and creates under the brand Gordana Glass®. Artistic glass-maker Gordana creates her works using a unique technique of fusing, when painting on glass with paints and precious metals, such as gold or platinum, and subsequent fusing in the furnace creates works of various shapes and colours. The result is a work – a unique original with its own certificate.

What does Art mean to you?

“Art is very important for a person’s life…For me, it´s not only important that I create some work, but I believe that a good feeling and perception can improve anyone’s day. Today, people have little time to perceive things in more depth, to stop and observe things, that is why the reward for me is when I manage to attract their interest. In my work, I draw inspiration from the seven basic value pillars, which are Humility, Fish –Amphora,
Connection – love, my heart, Friendship and Family, which is perceived by two inseparable parts. This message is transformed into each of my works.”

Tell us about your past.
XXyears of creating …During twenty years of active work, plenty of works have been created in the Gordana Glass® studio, which adorns the interiors of many important personalities. British Queen Elizabeth II. received the jewel box inlaid with gold and platinum from the Slovak government as a gift during her visit to Slovakia (2008), Pope Benedict XVI was gifted with the Golden Cross during the visit of the Slovak government in the Vatican. Prince Albert of Monaco was at her private exhibition, King Harold and Queen Sofia of Norway, as well as other personalities of cultural and social life, may boast of her creations. This extensive work has been presented at exhibitions over the past two decades, and the works have been part of charitable and benefit events.

Gordana says:

“Many exhibitions represented not only my current work, but also marked breakthrough points, or rather, milestones in my
career. Just as each individual, as well as artist, goes through different stages in his life during his years of creation and development, my work, too, is shifting and evolving. I am constantly looking for new ways to use the beauty of glass and bring joy to the life and environment in which we live and work …..”

You have important work in progress that represents your present…how would you describe it?

“For the second year in a row, I have been collaborating on the interior design project of a 6-storey building “Sky Gallery” in the centre of Prague. Gradually, I complete the overall design of this unique space from the entrance hall to the connections in common areas, where I create several meters of walls and partitions, furniture artefacts to the interior of private offices with a view of Prague panorama of “National Museum”. All works harmonise together and create a compact unit and a unique design. The goal is for the employees themselves, as well as the visitors, to feel comfortable and return there with joy.”

Art, Interior design. Your world is amazing. Important collaborations with important and prestigious brands have been signed. Please tell us more about it.

“In addition to freecreation, I am also actively involved in the creation of utility glass, I am constantly looking for new ways to implement my ideas, and to push the possibilities of using glass by connecting it with other materials. And in the last period, interesting cooperation has been established with the Bruno Paul company, which is a leading processor of Lapitec, Technistone, Compact and natural stone material in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Such a unique combination of glass and natural stone can not only create a modern and timeless design, but we can also provide the client with a practical and high-quality effect, so important for today’s challenging times. “

What future projects does Gordana have in mind? Do you have any exclusive news in advance for readers of the celebreMagazine?

“This year, Slovakia will also be a part of L’Etape by Tour de France 2021 as a new destination. I am delighted that the trophies that will belifted by the winners of the premiere year of L’Etape Slovakia by Tour de France are from our GordanaGlass®studio. Determination, will, perseverance
and goal. The basic pillars that will lead everyone who wants to achieve something in life to a successful conclusion, and it is the strength of these pillars that inspired me to create trophies. Trophies represent the exceptionality of people who work honestly on their goals. I symbolically incorporated 20 years of my creation in the form of letters XX into my work. They should encourage any future winner who, after overcoming obstacles, deserves to win this relentless fight.”

We conclude this pleasant interview with a thought for the future

“Glass is an incredible substance, a material of endless inspiration that nature has created perfectly. There’s not much more needed. Is it too fragile? It’s about feeling. Glass surrounds us everywhere, we live in glass buildings, we have glass objects. Glass has its rigidity and strength and thus resembles a person who is also rigid and strong, but can also be vulnerable. If you tap a sensitive area, it can break as well.”

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